President: Travis Roderick

Vice President: Tim Robbins

Treasurer: Jim Benoit

Secretary: Brenda Robbins




The J.V. Wing Snowmobile club was formed in 1987. We are nestled in the heart of the western mountains of Maine in the scenic town of Carrabassett Valley. Sugarloaf Ski Resort is a part of our community and the Bigelow and Popular Mountain ranges surround us. Our 55+ miles of trails are on and around these breathtaking vista's. Your can also tour the Bigelow Land Preserve and visit Bigelow Lodge It’s a Fantastic Lodge out in the wilderness, great Place to go eat a free Donut & cup of coffee or get warm. Well worth the visit, run by the State of Maine, open on weekends & school vacations starting 1st week of January till the middle of March open to snowmobilers & cross country skiers. We are also part of "The Black Fly Loop", a vast network of 134 miles of trails considered to be the widest variety of riding in the East.

Our Trails are groomed with a BR-400 Bombardier and a new last season Pisten Bully Trail Bully both Groomers use State of the Art Mogul Master Drags to accommodate our 10' wide trails, and Your Great Riding. We are continuously working on trail improvements throughout the year. We are the hub of snowmobiling, you start in Carrabassett Valley and ride to Eustis and then on to Rangley and Canada or ride to Greenville or Farmington or New Hampshire. We are a 100% M.S.A. affiliated Snowmobile Club and are very proud to promote safe snowmobiling in our area.

We have designated parking for your conveniance at the new parking area, behind the snowmobile club and you can get fuel just up the road at Ayotte's. Connect to the trails using the new multipurpose bridge that crosses the Carrabassett River

Please Join Us, Membership dues go to help support maintaining our vast network of trails. Our rides include cookouts, rides to dinner or possible overnights. We also offer Snowmobile and trailer storage, please Contact Us for more info

J. V. Wing S.C. Would Like to Thank All Our Land Owners!

Helpfull advice in case you find yourself lost

The New Recreational Bridge
Our Newest Groomer