1. Don't Panic - Decide on a plan of action. Conserve your energy and warmth
2. Check Food - Take out your dehydrated emergency ration, chocolate and candy.
3. Build a Fire - Be sure to lay firewood up off the snow, either on rocks or on a dry bed of wood and boughs over the snow. Start the fire with small twigs, birch bark and build the size of the fire slowly. Stay out from under snow covered evergreens.
4. Melt Clean Snow - Quench thirst, you can survive a long time on water alone
5. Make A Signal - Use fire, smoke, whistle, flares, snowmobile parts or signs.
6. Make a Shelter - Use snow and evergreen boughs to prepare a shelter from the wind and cold
7. Wait for Help - Do not let the group split, wait where you are for someone to find you
Basic Survival Kit - Waterproof matches, chocolate candy, Instant Soup, Extra wool socks, Snowshoes, mirror, map of the area, flashlight, extra wool mittens, dry materials for a fire, instant coffee, axe or knife, flares, compass, batteries, plastic trash bags